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Customized Children's Dental Care in Edmonton

Maintaining healthy oral hygiene is a habit that is best started early. Starting your child’s oral health journey on a positive note, as a parent, you must pay close attention to their teeth. Pediatric dental care of your child covers the overall dental development monitoring the growth of teeth, and early detection of problems. With regular checkups, your child’s smile will continue to brighten with healthy teeth and gums. At Heritage Dental Centre, we offer professional pediatric care from our General Dentists, emphasizing a warm approach. Our dental practitioners’ team provides services in oral health and hygiene, encouraging kids towards a well-maintained dental plan. Get in touch today!

Regular Pediatric Care Fosters a Healthy Childhood

The fundamental years of growing up are similar to essential building blocks in a child’s healthy life. Dealing with the medical care of infants, children and adolescents, pediatric care also constitutes preventive physical wellness. The primary years are integral in developing an oral health regime that ensures a cavity-free lifestyle. Your child can imbibe good dental habits with regular pediatric care that offers both motivation and timely guidance in Edmonton. The earlier your child adapts to oral hygiene, the better it is for them to maintain dental upkeep as adults.

Oral Hygiene Habits to Ensure Healthy Teeth for Your Children

Protecting your child’s gums and teeth can be quite a daunting task for every parent. But with regular practice and encouragement, your child will enjoy the benefits of good dental health. Some of the habits that can be beneficial are:


  • Always follow the age-old rule of brushing twice every day. Brushing in the morning and night helps in preventing cavities and tooth decay.

  • Flossing is very important after brushing as it removes the plaque between the teeth and gums.

  • Drink water frequently and rinse your mouth after every meal. This prevents bacterial build-up and cavity formation.

  Reduce the intake of sugary foods and ensure well-balanced meals for your child. Fruits, vegetables and grains strengthen the body and prevent tooth decay and gum related diseases.


  • Practice the regular use of fluoride-based toothpaste and mouthwash. This will protect your child’s enamel and overall oral health.

  • Timely visits to the dentist help identify oral problems in the beginning stages. Treatments and restoration of dental hygiene are possible when identified early.

Professional Dental Clinic for Pediatric Care in Edmonton

Kids undergo different stages of dental development until their adolescent years. As parents, you must be aware of the appearance of the primary teeth and the permanent teeth in your child’s mouth. The period between the falling of the baby teeth and the growing of adult teeth is always perplexing for children. It is also a time when oral hygiene must be maintained to avoid damage to the permanent teeth. Pediatric care professionals handle the teeth formation and growth pattern in children 18 years and under.


Another common problem in growing children is the presence of tooth decay. The sugar left in the mouth after consuming sugary food and drinks turns into acid, causing teeth to breakdown. With routine checks and visits to your pediatric dental care provider, you can ensure the prevention of tooth decay and cavity or plaque formation.

Prompt and Compassionate Emergency Dental Care for Children

Children love to play and run around at every given opportunity. From the school playground to your backyard, an emergency can arise anytime. Knocked-out teeth and bleeding gums are some dental problems that require immediate medical attention. Providing prompt pediatric care helps in reducing the pain and minimizing damage. Appropriate dental restorations, if required, will be suggested by our dentists giving your child the benefit of a healthy and quick recovery. Fixing broken teeth, reducing gum problems and fixing dental crowns are some of the services offered by Heritage Dental Centre. Bring the bright smile back on your child’s face with the latest dental care and restoration treatment.

Pediatric Care From Our General Dentists

Get 24/7 emergency dentistry and specialized dental care for children.

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