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Customized Smile Transformation With Invisalign® Treatment in Edmonton

A mouth of bright, straight white teeth is something that people with dental alignment issues often wish for. The standard solution offered by most dentists for misaligned teeth is braces. But with the help of the latest advancements in dental health, you can now get straightened teeth with Invisalign® braces. Invisalign® is a popular oral treatment to align your teeth without hampering your overall appearance and comfort. At Heritage Dental Centre, we offer customized and transparent Invisalign® treatments in Edmonton to help you get a new smile.

Get Familiar With Invisalign® Dental Treatment

A perfect alternative to traditional braces is just one of the many alluring reasons to go for Invisalign® treatments. Everybody has different oral patterns and teeth structure. If you wish to straighten your teeth, then it’s best to know your options. Invisalign® is right for you if you don’t want to crowd your mouth with metallic braces. Treating mild dental problems such as gapped or crowded teeth and misaligned bites are all fixed with Invisalign®. 

This oral treatment involves using a series of customized clear plastic aligners that slowly bring your teeth back into position. Our experienced dental practitioners have been providing oral health for more than 30 years.

Uncover Some of the Amazing Benefits of Invisalign®

Now that you know what Invisalign® is, let us focus on uncovering its many benefits:


  • High on comfort: Traditional braces tend to give painful cuts in your mouth. Invisalign® is smooth without any sharp edges, offering a non-irritating experience.

  • Looks attractive: As it is clear looking, Invisalign® is hardly visible when you smile. Compared to metallic braces, it is barely noticeable by people. Preferred by adults, this treatment lets you smile without having to get self-conscious.

  • Can be removed: Allowing you to eat everything you like and maintaining oral hygiene while straightening your teeth is a bonus. You need not worry about food particles sticking to your braces and giving you discomfort.

  • Flexible to wear: Young adults interested in contact sports or playing musical instruments prefer Invisalign®, as it does not interfere with your regular activities since the braces can be removed easily.

  • Minimal maintenance: Invisalign® is easy to clean and requires only a toothbrush dipped in bleach and water. Just scrub the braces for a minute, and you are good to go.

Frequently Asked Questions About Invisalign

Every treatment comes with its own set of procedures and specific guidelines. Let us take a look at some questions related to Invisalign®:

Smile With Confidence

Get straightened teeth and brighter smiles with Invisalign® aligners in Edmonton!

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