What To Do if You Knock a Tooth Out

While you may think of it as a problem only professional hockey players face, anyone can suffer from a knocked out tooth. Luckily, if the tooth is intact it can be saved with quick action. Here’s what to do if your tooth has been knocked out.

• Locate the tooth. Be careful handling the tooth. Never touch the root. Instead, hold it by the crown, the surface that’s outside of your gums.

• Clean it. Use milk to gently rinse any dirt or debris off the tooth. Never scrub or use soap or other chemicals.

• Put it back in the socket. If at all possible, put it back in the gums, making sure it’s facing the right way. Bite down to keep it in place. If it doesn’t go back in easily, don’t force it.

• Soak it in saliva or milk. The tooth needs to stay wet if it can’t be placed back into the socket. Hold it between your teeth and cheek if that’s comfortable for you. If not, place it in a bath of your own saliva or milk.

• Get to dental clinic fast. The faster you seek emergency attention, the higher your chances of saving the tooth. Call your dentist right away. If you’ve injured more than your tooth, you may consider visiting a South Edmonton-area hospital or clinic.

What to Expect After Your Tooth Was Knocked Out

A knocked out tooth may require more than one visit to the dentist. Often, a root canal is necessary. And if the tooth is too damaged to be placed back, you’ll need restorative solutions like an implant to restore your smile.

What to Do if a Baby Tooth Was Knocked Out

Baby teeth can’t be re-implanted, because this may interfere with adult tooth development. However, you should look for the lost tooth to be sure that your child won’t choke on it. Give them cool water to soothe the pain and use gauze if there’s bleeding. If it looks like they’ve injured more than a tooth, you should consult a doctor as soon as possible.

For older children, you may be able to treat a missing tooth as you would one that has naturally fallen out. Younger children may require a false tooth to stop the neighbouring teeth from crowding into the empty space.

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